Dealing with Digit Injuries

Broken fingers may be common orthopedic injuries, but they can actually be pretty serious. While many broken fingers can be treated using a simple taping method, some injuries may require ...

Send Your Kids Back to School with Their Vaccines Up to Date

Back-to-school season is here. Time for parents to gather school supplies and back packs. It’s also the perfect time to make sure your kids are up-to-date on their vaccines. Getting ...

Stopping Smoking: How to Improve your Odds

Though the number of smokers has decreased over the years, smoking still represents the number one cause of preventable mortality in America. So why is it so difficult for many ...


Five Diet Myths Exposed

From detoxing to gluten free, there are a lot of diets out ...

How to Prepare for Ski Season

This is a guest blogger post by Erin Kimball, PA-C from South ...

The New Patient Portal & MyChart

MountainStar Medical Group is pleased to offer a new online service to ...

Other Health Topics

Looking cool can hurt. How to help your kids avoid backpack pain

Back to school shopping can be a pain. But as your kids look for that perfect school bag, make sure it won’t lead to their own back pain down the road. Compared to messenger bags, totes and purses, backpacks are the best alternative for carrying books and papers home from school. They also take advantage [...]

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Debunking Myths About Eye Health

We all may be guilty of telling are kids not to sit too close to the television, eat your carrots and don’t cross your eyes because they may stick that way.  But according to, none of these tell the whole story.  Sitting close to the television or computer has shown no evidence of harming eyesight, [...]

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How does your Doctor Feel about Natural Child Birth?

Interested in a natural child birthing experience, but not sure if your doctor will be on board? Check out Dr. Jason Johnson’s interview with Good Things Utah below to get his thoughts on it. Natural child birth has become a trend not only in Utah, but nation-wide.  But many feel that doctors and hospitals will [...]

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Overheating: How to Stay Safe in the Pioneer Day Sun

Pioneer Day. The day that Utah decides to recreate their 4th of July celebration all over again. However, it is also a day many of us will spend most of outside in the sun, which can be dangerous. While enjoying the Pioneer Day festivities, remember that high temperatures can affect the body not only when [...]

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7 Tips on Backyard Safety

Summer means time for pool parties, backyard BBQs and other outdoor activities—but have you thought about how safe your backyard is for your family to enjoy? KidsHealth has 7 easy ways you can make your backyard kid-proof for your family’s favorite summertime activities: Light the Way – Make sure any outdoor paths or stairways are [...]

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