7 Tips on Backyard Safety

Summer means time for pool parties, backyard BBQs and other outdoor activities—but have you thought about how safe your backyard is for your family to enjoy? KidsHealth has 7 easy ...

20 Essentials for a Family First-Aid Kit

You should always keep a first-aid kit in your home. It should be kept within easy reach of an adult but should be stored away from children. Having a well-stocked ...

July is UV Safety Month

From cook-outs to swimming pools to beach vacations, we spend a lot of July outdoors. But don’t let your fun in the sun affect your health—skin cancer is the most ...


Five Diet Myths Exposed

From detoxing to gluten free, there are a lot of diets out ...

How to Prepare for Ski Season

This is a guest blogger post by Erin Kimball, PA-C from South ...

The New Patient Portal & MyChart

MountainStar Medical Group is pleased to offer a new online service to ...

Other Health Topics

Safely Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is a mild stimulant. Many people drink coffee, tea or soda for this effect—it helps them feel more awake and alert. This stimulant effect, however, can also cause jitters, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Each person’s tolerance to caffeine is different, and with age, we appear to become more sensitive to the effects of caffeine. [...]

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May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

With more than 2 million cases diagnosed annually in the US, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world. It’s time to take action and learn proper skin cancer detection and protection! AAD’s Most Common Types of Skin Cancer: Basal cell carcinoma The most common type of skin cancer Usually appears [...]

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Beat Those Summertime Blues

For many kids, there’s no sweeter sound than that last bell on the last day of school. While summertime is often seen as a chance to unwind, relax and recover from a long school year, it can actually be a difficult transition for many students. Overscheduling and boredom can impact your child’s mental health. While [...]

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Blood Pressure: How Much Do You Know?

Slipping your arm into a cuff to get your blood pressure checked has probably been a routine part of your doctor visit since you were young. But what do you really know about blood pressure and how it affects your heart health?  Healthfinder has the facts on what you need to know about blood pressure. With [...]

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Is your child suffering from Seasonal Allergies?

All About Allergies

Does your child seem to develop symptoms of a cold at the same time every year? The problem might not be a cold at all; instead, seasonal allergies might be the cause. The following symptoms of allergies, which can resemble those of a cold, can come on suddenly and persist as long as exposure to [...]

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