Diabetes Support For Those You Love

Diabetes affects almost 26 million Americans, and managing the disease can be an overwhelming task.  Any assistance a loved one can provide makes a huge difference.  Below are a few ...

Detect Breast Cancer Early: Performing Breast Self-Exams

Breast exams aren’t only for those over the age of 40. Women should begin performing breast self-exams (BSE) starting at age 20. BSE’s help you learn the normal feel and ...

1 out of 8 Women is Expected to Develop Breast Cancer in her Lifetime.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to reflect on personal risk, promote education and raise awareness. A difficulty that arises with diagnosing breast cancer is the lack of ...


Five Diet Myths Exposed

From detoxing to gluten free, there are a lot of diets out ...

How to Prepare for Ski Season

This is a guest blogger post by Erin Kimball, PA-C from South ...

The New Patient Portal & MyChart

MountainStar Medical Group is pleased to offer a new online service to ...

Other Health Topics

Common Knee Injuries: What You “Knee-d” to Know

It’s Pain Awareness Month, and one of the most common areas we feel that pain is our knees. But, how much do you know about knee injuries and how to protect the largest joint in your body from injury? Your knees play a critical role in keeping you flexible and mobile, but unfortunately, they are [...]

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Become a Cholesterol Know-It-All

You know what cholesterol is right? Well, atleast you know high cholesterol levels isn’t good for you. But what is cholesterol, actually? The truth is, cholesterol is something we all know of, but don’t know much about. Let’s change that. There are three kinds of cholesterol: HDL (high-density lipoprotein): HDL is good cholesterol that prevents [...]

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What You Need to Know About Enterovirus or EV-D68

You may be aware that an increasing number of children in several U.S. states have been diagnosed with Enterovirus D68.  Following are some facts and information that can help you to understand why this virus is gaining national attention and how to reduce your child’s risk of contracting it. Enteroviruses are quite common, as there [...]

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8 Ways to Protect Kids from Accidental Poisoning

It’s Baby Safety Month and a great time to focus on accidental poisoning in baby’s and toddlers. Across the United States, around 800,000 kids are rushed to the emergency room each year because of accidental poisoning. Of these, around 30 children will die, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Do you know where most [...]

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Dealing with Digit Injuries

Broken fingers may be common orthopedic injuries, but they can actually be pretty serious. While many broken fingers can be treated using a simple taping method, some injuries may require medical attention. Here is what you need to do if you happen to come across a finger injury over the long weekend. How to determine [...]

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