From Parent, to Chef, to Taxi Driver, to Doctor…..

As parents we wear many hats.  And sometimes, okay most times, those hats are piled so high on top of each other that it’s a feat just to keep them from falling.

At any given part of the day you could be a Taxaidtutoctor.  What is that you say?  Well let me explain, taxaidtutoctor claims the role of taxi, maid, tutor and doctor…simultaneously.

Imagine this, you’re driving your kids to school, all the while picking up the french fries that your two year-old threw from the back seat because he refused to eat, responding to last minute questions about world history for your teen’s final project, whilst answering your phone (hands free of course) to find out that the kid you just dropped off at pre-school has cut his knee and could possibly need stitches.

As a parent what do you do?  Do you turn the whole clan around to pick up the pre-schooler and rush him to the doctor or do you play doctormom or dad and take care of the cut yourself?

Keep in mind, just the thought of going to the doctor’s office sends your  two year-old into a fit of rage because he’s been in his car seat for longer than 10 minutes.  As you tune out the screaming you glance at your teen who has now begun to make slight pouting noises because they’re going to be late to class and could possibly fail the term project because the history teacher doesn’t accept late work, therefore ruining their chances of getting into a good college and earning a scholarship.

So the last sentence may be a stretch but remember it’s your teen thinking illogically; all the while you’re having a proud parent moment realizing that they are actually worried about their future and their college career.

I digress.  This would be the story of my life.

If you’re unsure about whether or not to take your kid to the doctor then my suggestion would be definitely get medical attention.  However, there are times when super glue can do the trick.

Nurse Suzy, answers all questions stitches on her, ‘Mommy Medicine’ blog on

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Any information found on this blog should not be used to replaced medical advice from a physician.

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