(Don’t) Kiss Me, I’m Irish! (But I just barfed…)


St. Paddy’s Day….that’s the day we all become Irish!

Exactly who was St. Patrick anyway? Did you know that the date of his death has likely become the most celebrated saint’s day around the world? Not bad for a Brit who was once enslaved by the Irish.

Over time, the celebratory “wearing of the green” has grown from green ribbons and shamrocks during the 17th century to green clothes, green corn beef and cabbage, green candy, green parties and even an entire green river in Chicago.

And, of course, green beer.

Having a party and enjoying a few Irish beverages is part of the fun for many of us, and “tying one on” is certainly part of the old Irish stereotype. That’s why many clubs in town will be filled with revelers, especially since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday this year.

Whether you can claim a true Irish heritage or just want to join in on the fun, let’s keep it safe for everyone…including yourself.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy St. Patrick’s Day – but not overdo it!

Eat and drink (water!) Drinking on an empty stomach is the perfect way to end your St. Paddy’s Day party hunched over a bowl (or worse.)  Your body needs food to help absorb the alcohol you’ll be drinking. Eat! Drinking a lot of water before and during the shindig will help you stay alert longer (you want to remember the party, right?) and decrease the chances of a nasty hangover.

Plan your trip home from the party. Select a designated driver, get a cab, plan a bus route, or figure out a nearby place you can walk to and enjoy an overnight stay. DO NOT get behind the wheel of a car, or get in a car with someone else who is impaired. NEVER, EVER, EVER. It can be hard to know exactly where the “impaired” line is, so if you are even questioning your sobriety, don’t drive. Yeah, there’s an app for that (seriously) – but does it work?

Watch out when you’re on the road. Even if you’re a safe and sober driver – not everyone else is. A disproportionate number of traffic accidents on St. Patrick’s Day are caused by people driving under the influence. So, whether you’re driving or just crossing the street on foot, stay alert to what is going on around you.

Take heed of these tips and you’ll have a memorable, fun and safe St. Paddy’s Day. Need some “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” gear? Check this out.

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