Choosing the “Breast” Option for You

I had a good friend who at 25-years-old found a lump in her breast.  After multiple doctors visits and a needle biopsy, she found out she had breast cancer.  Not only did she have the disease that affects 1 out of 8 women but, it needed to be treated with the most aggressive option possible, removable of her breast.

In just a few moments, she was faced with several decisions.  Her first thoughts were, “Holy crap, I have cancer?”  This was then followed by,  “Does this doctor really know what he’s talking about or do I need to get a second opinion?  Are there any options other than completely removing my breast?  Will this affect my womanhood and if so, how?”

After the initial shock of the doctor’s diagnosis, she accepted his decision and moved forward with the breast removal.  She interjected her own inappropriate humor saying things like, “Oh I’m such a boob” and my personal favorite, “I can finally get a boob job and not feel bad about it.  I can say I need a boob job instead of I want one.”

Losing a breast is always hard, but there are a lot of choices, which is a good thing.   If you are in the same boat as my friend, you may be contemplating breast reconstruction after cancer.  Whether or not to proceed with reconstruction is your choice and your’s alone.  Once that decision has been made, choosing a plastic surgeon is your next biggest decision.  My friend wanted someone who would guide her through the maze of decisions regarding the procedure including what type of implants to use and how the implants are inserted.

Choosing your surgeon is a very personal choice and many times it helps to actually meet your doctor face-to-face and have the conversations. Many MountainStar physicians offer free consultations to give patients the opportunity to ask their questions without feeling obligated to use their services.

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