Archive | October, 2012

Birth control…for your man

If the time has come that you and your partner are done having children, you may be thinking about permanent birth control. If this is your situation then it’s good to know your options. Many of the permanent methods are procedures for women, but what about options for men? It turns out that permanent birth […]

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Talking Immunizations with Dr. Bentley

Whenever I see a new patient, and at my patients’ annual wellness visits, one thing I feel it is important to discuss is vaccinations.  While we all are aware that children are advised to get shots to prevent illnesses, and most people know about yearly flu shots, many adults are unaware of other immunizations they […]

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Halloween is fast approaching

I’ve never really loved the month of October.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love going outside to smell the fall crisp air and look at the leaves changing colors.  I love the cooler temperatures and like many women, I love fall fashion.  But with tall boots and sweaters comes Halloween, my least favorite […]

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