Your New Friend in Weight Loss

Provided by Dr. Nichole DeLaPlante of Lone Peak Primary Care

Losing weight is a daunting task. There is a lot of noise about it recently, especially with New Year’s resolutions. You may be one of many who have goals to trim off a few pounds this year. I want to tell you about a resource that you might not have considered in years past.

More and more doctors are realizing that they need to treat obesity as a chronic disease. It requires a lot of attention and management in order to get it under control just like diabetes or high blood pressure. I find that it is necessary for the patient and primary care provider to establish an open dialogue about weight gain and come up with a plan to help lose the weight in a healthy and controlled setting.

Of the chronic medical conditions that I treat, obesity is one of the hardest to control. I think that it has to do with the complex array of contributing factors that play into why someone is gaining weight such as a person’s environment, stress levels and coping mechanisms, hormones, body type and financial constraints. There is so much information out there via books, diet trends, internet sites that offer at times confusing or conflicting advice.

Your primary care physician can help you weed through the information and help design a weight management strategy that is individualized to your personal needs. The same health provider that you see for illness and injuries can be a great resource weight loss. It’s a good idea to have your provider review your medications, current eating habits and your medical history to see if there are any contributing factors to your weight gain and also to help develop a healthy exercise regimen.

If you are considering getting on a new diet or exercise plan I would recommend talking with your primary care provider to set some clear and healthy goals. Weight management should be a team approach involving you, your physician, a nutritionist and often times a behaviorist to help lose the weight and keep it off!

Watch Dr. DeLaPlante’s latest video on nutrition and how to control your diet to lose weight.

Nichole DeLaPlante, DO is a primary care physician specializing in weight management. Dr. DeLaPlante is affiliated with St. Mark’s Hospital Weight Treatment Center and Lone Peak Primary Care. She is currently accepting new patients.

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