I’ve Had It Up To Here…

Bills, school, work, kids, activities, religion, technology, and money are among the things that can have you pulling your hair out, stamping your feet and exclaiming, “I’ve had it up to here!”


Ever feel this way?

More likely than not, you’re among the millions of people who get stressed out by every day life.  You may think that your stress isn’t taking its toll but, your body largely disagrees.

Other than being annoying, stress can play a major role in your health.  Did you know that emotional and financial stress can cause you to develop heart disease, making you more likely to suffer from a heart attack, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure?

I know, life is stressful and although I don’t have the magic cure-all for your problems, I do have some great tips.  I spoke with Dr. Anne Dubosky, from Lone Peak Primary Care, who treats several patients with severe health concerns related to stress and she gave me her top four stress relievers.

  1. Exercise – Not only is it good for your waistline it’s a great way to kiss that stress goodbye.  I know what you might be thinking, “I don’t have time to exercise and just thinking about it is giving me hives!”  If exercising doesn’t seem realistic for you, try shaking it up, literally.  Shake your arms, hands, legs and feet vigorously for at least ten seconds; while you’re doing that, imagine the stress leaving your body.
  2. Say no – It’s important to know your limits and to say no.  I’m a yes girl.  Any favor, any time and I always say yes and then find myself complaining that there are not enough hours in the day.  Sound familiar to you?  Learn to say no, I promise your friends and family will understand.
  3. Take a time-out – Even if it’s only for five minutes a day, take some time for you; allow yourself to zone-out and let your mind wander.  Whether you lock yourself in the bathroom or take a little longer sitting in your driveway before walking in the house make sure you have a few moments of serenity before the chaos commences.

If you’re unsure if you’re experiencing an unhealthy amount of stress, take a stress test here and make sure to look at the warning signs which can include lack of sleep, memory lapse, poor judgment, bossiness and eating more.


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