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A Stress-Free Heart is a Healthy Heart

With the holidays around the corner, this time of year can bring a lot of joy and a lot of… Stress.  We have all felt it at one time or another, but many people feel stress too often. Some even feel it as part of their daily lives. Stress can contribute to numerous conditions like […]

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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Which cancer is responsible for the most cancer-related deaths in women? No, it’s not breast cancer. It is lung cancer, which causes the most cancer deaths in women AND men. 165,000 lung cancer-related deaths in the US are estimated for 2012 alone. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It’s an excellent time to educate yourself […]

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How to Prepare for Ski Season

This is a guest blogger post by Erin Kimball, PA-C from South Jordan Family Medicine Having worked as a Ski Patroller and Outdoor Emergency Care Technician for many years prior to becoming a Physician Assistant, I have seen more than my fair share of injuries on the slopes. Our best intentions for an enjoyable day […]

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