7 Tips on Backyard Safety

Summer means time for pool parties, backyard BBQs and other outdoor activities—but have you thought about how safe your backyard is for your family to enjoy?

KidsHealth has 7 easy ways you can make your backyard kid-proof for your family’s favorite summertime activities:

  1. Light the Way – Make sure any outdoor paths or stairways are properly lit and cleared of any debris or objects.
  2. Cover it Up – Keep lids on all garbage receptacles to keep any pesky critters away.
  3. Keep it Clean – Make sure swing sets and other outdoor equipment stay rust-free and securely fastened. Also for wooden equipment, watch for splinters and sharp edges.
  4. Cushion the Fall – Add mulch, wood chips, sand or approved rubber surfacing mats to the areas beneath swing sets and other outdoor equipment to provide a cushion in case of a fall.
  5. Clean it Up – When playtime is over, put away any outdoor toys and objects in a secure, dry location.
  6. Fence ‘em in – Install climb-proof fencing that reaches at least four feet on all sides of your backyard pool. Make sure your fence has a self-closing gate with a child-proof lock.
  7. Ladders Away – After swim time, remove any ladders from above-ground pools.

Follow these tips, and you can ensure your kids have a fun – and most importantly, safe – summer.

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