How does your Doctor Feel about Natural Child Birth?

Interested in a natural child birthing experience, but not sure if your doctor will be on board? Check out Dr. Jason Johnson’s interview with Good Things Utah below to get his thoughts on it.

Natural child birth has become a trend not only in Utah, but nation-wide.  But many feel that doctors and hospitals will discourage them from pursuing the birthing experience they are looking for.

However, that is not the case at St. Mark’s Hospital and the new St. Mark’s OB/GYN, where the rooms are set-up to help facilitate a more comfortable natural birthing experience in the safety of the hospital. Patients are encouraged to discuss their birth plan with their doctor, who will work with them as a partner in the natural birthing experience.

On July 22nd, Dr. Johnson talked to Good Things Utah about the natural childbirth options available today and the approach the providers at St. Mark’s OB/GYN are taking when it comes to natural childbirth in the hospital.



For more information or to make an appointment with a provider at the new St Marks OB/GYN, visit the clinic’s website at


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