Stopping Smoking: How to Improve your Odds

Though the number of smokers has decreased over the years, smoking still represents the number one cause of preventable mortality in America. So why is it so difficult for many smokers to kick the habit?

Turns out that 70 percent of smokers say they want to quit. More than 40 percent actually try to quite each year. But only 25 percent seek help in their quitting effort. Without help, only 3 to 7 percent actually stop smoking.

However, 30 percent of those who seek help through optimal treatment are smoke free within a year.

In this interview, Dr. David Hill of the East Falls Primary Care and Specialty Clinic provides insight on the optimal treatment available  to overcome the social, emotional, and physical barriers associated with quitting smoking to increase your odds. See what he has to say, and remember, don’t give up and continue to seek out help! Here is a list of providers that can help you start your quitting journey today


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