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Detect Breast Cancer Early: Performing Breast Self-Exams

Breast exams aren’t only for those over the age of 40. Women should begin performing breast self-exams (BSE) starting at age 20. BSE’s help you learn the normal feel and look of your breasts, so you can notify your doctor if you notice any irregularities. They can be performed in the shower, in front of […]

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1 out of 8 Women is Expected to Develop Breast Cancer in her Lifetime.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to reflect on personal risk, promote education and raise awareness. A difficulty that arises with diagnosing breast cancer is the lack of early symptoms. The telltale signs are breast lumps or an abnormal mammogram. Fortunately, early detected breast cancer is very treatable, and the survival rate is […]

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