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Tips to Running Through the Winter Cold

Looking to work-off that Thanksgiving meal, but not thrilled about braving the cold? Don’t let chilly weather discourage your outdoor exercise routine now or throughout the winter. There’s an easy way to ensure that you’ll stay warm while running that mile or taking a brisk walk. The key to staying warm and dry is by […]

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Food Frauds: 9 Foods you think are healthy, but aren’t

We all love the holiday season, but dread stepping on the scales come January 1st. So as we prepare for Thanksgiving this week, remember that even foods you think are healthy can actually hurt your health. Here is a list of 9 food frauds. Learn how to transform them into a healthier meal: Caesar salad: […]

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Diabetes Support For Those You Love

Diabetes affects almost 26 million Americans, and managing the disease can be an overwhelming task.  Any assistance a loved one can provide makes a huge difference.  Below are a few ways you can offer your aid if you have a loved one suffering from diabetes. Help them create a diet plan and exercise regimen.  Diet […]

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