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I’ve Had It Up To Here…

Bills, school, work, kids, activities, religion, technology, and money are among the things that can have you pulling your hair out, stamping your feet and exclaiming, “I’ve had it up to here!” YOU JUST CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE! Ever feel this way? More likely than not, you’re among the millions of people who get stressed […]

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When Should I See a Doctor?

When we first brought baby Redding home, I found myself running to the phone and speed dialing my doctor’s office if he made the slightest peep, random gesture or a weird face.  I came to find out that those things were not out of the ordinary but a way for him to show he was […]

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Clinic Kudos and Props from Patients

We love our clinics. From the kind, caring providers and nurses to the amazing office staffs, we are chuck full of goodness. Enough said right? Well, we say that kind of stuff all the time. So we thought it would be nice to share what our patients are saying about us… The following paragraphs are patient […]

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