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Achoo and You – 3 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Sickness

You know the feeling. The escalating dread when you hear that a co-worker, your child’s best friend or a family member is sick. It doesn’t seem like a matter of “if” you’ll catch it, but “when.” So when it does make its way over to your immune system, don’t give those around you the same […]

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Urgent Care at Its Best

You know that feeling when you’ve had about six cups of water at dinner? You politely excuse yourself from the table, shuffle to the restroom only to find seven women in line in front of you? All of which are doing the same two-step dance, which I fondly like to call the “potty dance.” Or […]

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May Day, May Day

Can you believe that it’s already May?  I’ll tell you what, I’m definitely ready for sunshine, shorts and flip flops! Not only are we closer to warmer weather but, I’m only four days away from busting out my authentic sombrero and hardly worn wool poncho and having myself a Cinco de Mayo fiesta! Which, on […]

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