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Flu Shots Now Available

Don’t forget to get a flu shot! We now have flu shots available in our Primary Care clinics. For a full list of clinics by location, click here. Call today for your appointment!    

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Talking Immunizations with Dr. Bentley

Whenever I see a new patient, and at my patients’ annual wellness visits, one thing I feel it is important to discuss is vaccinations.  While we all are aware that children are advised to get shots to prevent illnesses, and most people know about yearly flu shots, many adults are unaware of other immunizations they […]

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Children and the Flu

Get Smart, Get A Flu Shot

Flu season is right around the corner. What are you going to do about it this year? Remember last fall when you saw everyone getting flu shots and your internal struggle began? ‘If I don’t get the shot I may or may not get sick, but if I do…I have to get a shot!’ We […]

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