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ABC’s to Heart Health

We’ve probably all had that one high school, drama-filled relationship.  You know the one, where the world stops turning if he doesn’t glance in your general direction.  Or maybe instead of the drama you had the teenage love affair.  You know the one where you swear you’ll get married one day, even though you’re only […]

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Back to School

I remember the first day I started college at the University of Utah. (Go Utes!)   I printed out my class schedule, mapped out the most efficient paths to each of my classrooms, bought new notebooks for each of my classes, had a fresh pack of pens and pencils and of course got my black […]

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Sugary drinks= Heart attack?

As I was sipping on my Mountain Dew this afternoon I came across this gem of a story.  Needless to say, I’m ready to give up the Dew! The news story is about the release of a new Harvard medical study.  Researchers followed more than 40,000 men over the course of 22 years and discovered […]

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