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Debunking Myths About Eye Health

We all may be guilty of telling are kids not to sit too close to the television, eat your carrots and don’t cross your eyes because they may stick that way.  But according to Kidshealth.org, none of these tell the whole story.  Sitting close to the television or computer has shown no evidence of harming eyesight, […]

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Children and the Flu

Get Smart, Get A Flu Shot

Flu season is right around the corner. What are you going to do about it this year? Remember last fall when you saw everyone getting flu shots and your internal struggle began? ‘If I don’t get the shot I may or may not get sick, but if I do…I have to get a shot!’ We […]

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Like My Mama Always Said…

“There’s nothing funny about safety.” The same phrase that drove me crazy as a kid is now my mantra. Looking back on all the  painful sunburns, stitches, and close calls; I don’t know why my mother ever let me out of the house. We give our kids rules ranging from wearing helmets/pads, putting on sunscreen, […]

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From Parent, to Chef, to Taxi Driver, to Doctor…..

As parents we wear many hats.  And sometimes, okay most times, those hats are piled so high on top of each other that it’s a feat just to keep them from falling. At any given part of the day you could be a Taxaidtutoctor.  What is that you say?  Well let me explain, taxaidtutoctor claims the […]

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