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Clinic Kudos and Props from Patients

We love our clinics. From the kind, caring providers and nurses to the amazing office staffs, we are chuck full of goodness. Enough said right? Well, we say that kind of stuff all the time. So we thought it would be nice to share what our patients are saying about us… The following paragraphs are patient […]

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Children and the Flu

Get Smart, Get A Flu Shot

Flu season is right around the corner. What are you going to do about it this year? Remember last fall when you saw everyone getting flu shots and your internal struggle began? ‘If I don’t get the shot I may or may not get sick, but if I do…I have to get a shot!’ We […]

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Ask an Expert: A Kid’s Fever, Something to Worry About?

One of our Facebook readers asked, “How long should a child have a fever before you should start to worry?” Hear what three of our family medicine physicians had to say. You may remember Dr. Nichole DeLaPlante from Lone Peak Primary Care in Draper from some of her other posts.  She’s a frequent blogger with […]

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How well do you know your teen?

Most teenagers are unpredictable.  As a parent you would like to think that the only thing your child is thinking are about sunshine and rainbows; chances are you are probably wrong. While teens are most likely consumed with the thoughts of school, their friends and the opposite sex, parents are more concerned about their teen’s […]

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