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Tips to Running Through the Winter Cold

Looking to work-off that Thanksgiving meal, but not thrilled about braving the cold? Don’t let chilly weather discourage your outdoor exercise routine now or throughout the winter. There’s an easy way to ensure that you’ll stay warm while running that mile or taking a brisk walk. The key to staying warm and dry is by […]

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Staying Active

I used to dread exercising; I swear just the mention of word would make me sweat!  I had tried all sorts of different things to stay fit but none of them seemed to stick.  I tried running on a treadmill, that was the worst idea ever!  I could have sworn I had run a mile […]

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The Little Things…That Become Big Things

You’ve spent $150 on shoes, $40 on running shorts, $25 on a running tank, $140 on an iPod, $12 on socks (one pair—seriously, socks are expensive!) and at least $200 on other running gear. And yet, despite all that shopping, spending, training and preparation, there are a few very small things that could easily become […]

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